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After Hours presented by Stocktwits is a weekly podcast that focuses on the lighter side of investing.

Sep 23, 2019

In our DEBUT EPISODE, Mike, Justin, and Dallas talk about the Fed, the chicken sandwich wars, Seinfeld on $NFLX, WeWork scandals, and Carl the Plant. We also get to know Tommy and his views on "serious investors."
In this episode:

02:45: Justin talks about why he loves paper straws
04:39: We discuss repos and attempt to explain repos and the Fed
09:21: Dallas explains why she hates White Claw
11:14: The Chicken Sandwich Wars, and return of fast food, and what happened to $BYND?
16:01 Seinfeld comes to $NFLX, $FB portal
25:47 Dallas introduces us to her plants. 
27:00 We talk WeWork and Run-DMC. It's Tricky
35:38 Dallas and Justin try to decide if Mike should refi
44:17 Tommy comes on to talk about "serious" investors and millennials.
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